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2014 MLB Power Rankings: How Tanaka To Yankees Effects Rankings

26 Jan

30: Houston Astros


We all knew the move from the NL to the AL would be a tough change for the Astros. We proved to be correct as the ‘Stros fished a MLB worst 51-111, the worst record Houston had seen in a long time. Hopefully in 2014, the Astros will be back and ready for another year, of torture.

29: Chicago Cubs


Ah, the Cubs, the team that has not won a world series in 105 years. The team has good crop of young talent and some other established players but division the Cubbies are in is deadly. With the Reds and Cardinals two of the NL’s best teams in the division. Maybe in 2014, the new mascot Clark the Cub will help the team end the drought or at least, win a few more games.

28: Miami Marlins


At the beginning of last year Marlins fans were ready to call it quits with their beloved team who had won it’s first world series in 1997. After Jeffery Loria dumped all of the star players except Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins fans were furious. At least the faithful few that were left at the end of the season got to see Henderson Alvarez throw no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers, which will never happen again.

27: San Diego Padres


The Friars, had a pretty bad year, lets get that out of the way. But like the Cubs, they have tons of young talent that is ready to go when needed. By signing Josh Johnson the Padres have checked one need off their list, but there is plenty more to go.

26: Chicago White Sox


Remember just a few years ago when the White Sox were considered the best team in the AL Central before the Tigers reign? Well, those days are over. Paul Konerko is retiring after the 2014 season, and the players the Sox have just don’t seem to cut it.

25: Minnesota Twins 


Just like the White Sox, the Twins had their glory days of 2009-2011, but those days are long gone. Joe Mauer is getting older and the Twins have lost a lot of key players that helped with that run. But with the additions of Phil Hughes and Rickey Nolasco, that should help a bit.

24: Milwaukee Brewers 


The Brew Crew has lost more then they have gained this offseason, including two important players such as Corey Heart to the Seattle Mariners and Norachika Aoki to the Rockies. The Brewers did sign fomer Yankees and Indians third baseman Mark Reynolds but they will need more then just that.

23: New York Mets 


The Mets had a fairly successful offseason signing former Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson and A’s ace Bartolo Colon. I expect the Mets to have a much better season then they did last year but David Wright and Granderson need more protection around the lineup.

22: Philadelphia Phillies


The Phils, have the potential to be good but father time has got the best of them, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Cole Hammels are all aging. A big subtraction was Roy Halladay who decided to call it quits after 16 years in the MLB. The signing of Marlon Byrd should help fill a void or two.

21: Toronto Blue Jays 


The Jays had the highest expectations of the 2013 season. They had signed Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Melky Cabrea and traded for R.A. Dickey. But, last season was a complete train wreck, the Jays finished last place and the hype is lower this year but Jays fans are itching for more, hopefully even a playoff run.

20: Baltimore Orioles


The Orioles have a good team, great hitters including Adam Jones and Chris Davis. But the O’s traded away one of the best closers in the game to the Oakland A’s, Jim Johnson. Later, the O’s had appeared to sign a closer that is equally as good Grant Balfour but the deal fell through. Also, the pitching isn’t where it needs to be for the O’s to be a deadly team.

19: Washington Nationals 


The Nats had a tough 2013 campaign compared to 2012 when they won the division with ease and almost made it to the world series. The Nats fans are hungry for the playoffs, so the team decided to bring in Doug Fister from the Detroit Tigers which is a very smart move. The Tigers got Steve Lombardozzi and another prospect in exchange. If lucky, the Nats could make another playoff run in 2014.

18: Seattle Mariners 


The Mariners by far, made the biggest splash of the off season signing former star Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano to a 10 year $240 million dollar deal. They also made a few other splashes landing Logan Morrison and Corey Heart. The M’s should be much better this year.

17: Cleveland Indians 


Last season it was a great year for the Indians, who punched their first ticket to the playoffs since 2007, lead by former Red Sox skipper Terry Francona, who I might add won AL Manager of the year. This was the first of many good things to come, and I look forward to watching Cleveland play in the future.

16: Colorado Rockies 


The Rockies have had had their ups and downs the past few seasons. A emotional retirement of Todd Helton was a down but the Rocks have rebounded and signed Drew Subbs and Boone Logan and I think they have a good chance for a winning record in 2014.

15: Los Angeles Angels 


Yet another team with high expectations that failed in 2013. At the beginning of last year, the team pulled off a huge splash signing Josh Hamilton to a 5 year $125 million dollar deal. Hamilton struggled at the beginning of the year and Albert Pujols ended his season by injury. The Angels have a lot to gain back this year with the addition of Raul Ibanez, there should be some good power in the lineup along with, Hamilton, Pujols and Mike Trout.

14: Tampa Bay Rays 


The Rays were great last year, won the wild card but then were defeated by Boston in the ALDS. They signed former closer Grant Balfour for a two year deal. So why are they 16th? The hitting. The Rays have two legit hitters Evan Longoria and James Loney. But besides that, nothing.

13: San Francisco Giants 


The Giants, a team that just swept the Tigers in the World Series and had high expectations for 2013 but surprisingly, the Giants season did not go as planned. An injured Angel Pagan did not help and Matt Cain was not up to snuff. Hopefully SF can rebound from a poor season. Signing Micheal Morse and Tim Hudson should help with a void in left and spot in the pitching rotation.

12: Kansas City Royals 


Was it the magical BBQ sauce that did it? Who knows, but the Royals kept finding ways to win. I think they should be even better after signing Omar Infante, Norachika Aoki and Danny Valencia. I expect the Royals to be very good and maybe even steal a playoff spot.

11: Arizona Diamondbacks


Two words, Paul Goldshmidt. The guy is a stud, he is the pride of the Diamondbacks and I think they will put him to good use in the next couple of years, I expect Arizona to have a good record with the good talent such as newly traded for, Mark Trumbo.

10: Pittsburgh Pirates 


Raise the jolly rodger! Pirates fans last year witnessed one of the greatest pirates teams of the last twenty years. Andrew McCutchen won NL MVP and all was good for the fans of the black and gold. I expect the the Bucos have a very good chance of making another wild card.

9: Cincinati Reds 


There is a lot of debate about which team is better, the Reds or the Pirates. I like the Pirates more but I honestly think the Reds are a better team. They have good hitting in Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips and good pitching in Matt Latos and yea the guy who throws 101, (Chapman).

8: Atlanta Braves 


The Braves have the hitting, they have the pitching. Atlanta has two Uptons in the field, I expect the Braves to win the East by a large margin this year as none of the other teams compete. Even though they lost Brian McCann to the Yankees, the Braves still have a very scary team.

7: Oakland Athletics 


The miracle team of 2012 has turned into the power house team of 2013 and beyond. The A’s have turned themselves into one of the deadliest teams in the AL. With the addition of Jim Johnson, the A’s look set and ready to go for 2014. Along with Cespedes, the A’s have a lot to look forward to in 2014, but they have to look out for Texas, who has also re-stocked with stars.

6: Texas Rangers 


After a surprising exit from the playoffs handed courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays, the re-stocked Rangers signed stars such as Prince Fielder who came from detroit in exchance for Ian Kinsler. The Rangers also signed Shin-Soo Choo to a seven year deal. I expect Texas to win the division and rebound from a bad season. 

5: Los Angeles Dodgers 


The Dodgers pushed themselves into first place when Yasiel Puig arrived to the MLB. He quickly helped the Dodgers get back where they needed to be at the beginning of the season. The Dodgers have one of the best pitching staff’s in the MLB. The Dodgers have stars like Clayton Kershaw, Zack Grienke and Hyun-Jin Ryu. Even though LA missed out on the Tanaka sweepstakes, they are one of the best teams in baseball

4: Boston Red Sox 


The 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. Why aren’t they number one? Because they lost some players who played key roles in the playoffs last year. Jacoby Ellsbury went to the arch rival Yankees, Jarod Saltalamachia went to the Florida Marlins and Franklin Morales. But, the BoSox signed AJ Pierzinski and re-signed Mike Napoli, that’s why they are Number four.

3: New York Yankees 


The 2013 Yankees were most likely one of the worst Yankee teams of the last 25 years. They were dead last in most hitting categories. Angry Yankees fans prompted Hal Stienbrener and Brian Cashman to make some major moves in the offseason. Well, the Yankees hands down had the best offseason they have had in 10 years and it was better then most teams. The Yanks spent a whopping $503 million dollars on stars, Brian McCann (5yrs $85m) Jacoby Ellsbury (7yrs $153m) Carlos Beltran (3yrs $45m) and the star Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka chose the Yanks as his team (7yrs $155m). This will make NY instant World Series Contenders.

2: Detroit Tigers 

kinsler, ian tigersbilde

The Tigers have always been good. They have gotten better this year, even though they lost Omar Infante and Prince Fielder, they have gained Ian Kinsler, Joe Nathan, Rajai Davis and Joba Chamberlin. Oh yea and then there’s Miguel Cabrera, he is a flat out BEAST. The Tigers will be back and better then ever, even without the Prince.

1: St. Louis Cardinals 


Each year the Cardinals seem like the best team in the MLB, and this year is no different. Though St.Louis lost one of their best hitters in Carlos Beltran to the Yankees, they signed Jhonny Peralta which was a steal at 4yrs and $55m. The Cardinals will continue to be one of the best teams in baseball hands down, and they will be in the hunt for the 2014 World Series.

Tanaka Has Finally Chosen: He’s a Yankee

23 Jan

ImageAfter about two months of no new baseball news, the Japanese ace from Japan Masahiro Tanaka has finally decided on a team, the New York Yankees. The deal will make Tanaka the fifth highest paid pitcher ever, which is kind of crazy for a pitcher who has never thrown one pitch in the MLB before. The final suitors were the Cubs, White Sox, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and the Yankees. Tanaka reportedly narrowed it down to the Yankees and the Cubs. Considering this will be Tanaka’s first expirence in the MLB, he wanted to chose a winning team, therefore choosing the Yankees. The deal is seven years $155 million, he can oppt out after four years if he wishes to. 

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